About FMS

Our president, Dan Doke, has been associated with polyurethanes since the 1950’s.  Starting Marion Machines in 1969, Dan created production machinery to fabricate foam parts in a 1,000 sq. ft. facility located in Hawthorne, CA.  The company grew rapidly, and in two years was in need of a bigger facility.

In 1971 the company changed its name to Foam Molders & Specialties and relocated to two buildings totally 10,000 sq. ft. in Gardena, CA.  Business prospered but a fire in 1973 destroyed one of the buildings creating minor setback.

In August 1973, the company relocated to Cerritos, CA . Business grew steadily and after expanding the original facility, an additional building was acquired in 1991.

The company has been in these two locations over 30 years and has acquired additional buildings as space demands have dictated. Some of the biggest growth occurred with our entry into the automotive market in 1995. The company has had steady growth over the years, even in the tough economic times we face today and currently does about 19m in sales across all divisions.

Currently FMS has branched out to a variety of markets.  Some examples include vacuum forming aerospace plastic parts, fabricating medical foam products, and custom foam molding for amusement parks.

Our Capabilities