FMS offers engineering, molding and fabrication of flexible and rigid foam.

Established in 1971 we provide our customers with the highest level of customer service, as we find solutions for their requirements. With a product concept in hand, we can create the prototype as well as the necessary tooling for full-scale production. In our 150,000 square foot facility, we offer custom foam molding, polyurethane fabrication, and sheet plastic in more ways than any company in the West!

Because of the diversity and size of our company, we have found it very easy to adapt our capabilities to match your requirements. This diversity and flexibility helps to create solutions for our customer’s requests and has proven time and time again to be a valuable service.

Please see the list below that highlight some of the companies capabilities:

FabricationVacuum FormingSpecialty MoldingAutomotive
Hot WirePressure formingR.I.M.Design/Concepts
Heat SealingVacuum formingFoam in placePrototyping
Thermal FormingPlus formingCastingIn-field training
SpecialtyEmbossingLaunch new product
FabricatingPrecision trimming
Custom painting

In addition to the above mentioned capabilities, we provide in-house tooling, the production of all parts, and custom assemblies, make us your complete “one stop shop.”

an ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100 Registered, and TS16949 Compliant Company

FMS Capabilities

Our fabrication team offers a wide variety of foam conversion services that will take your project from conception to completion.  With the ability to cut, shape, and thermal form foam into any specification your project requires, we are truly a one stop shop for your custom foam projects.

FMS has offered vacuum/pressure forming for over 40 years.  We can form thermoplastic sheets into three dimensional shapes and custom trim, paint, bond, and/or assemble your parts in house.  Vacuum forming also offers the ability to provide textured and styled finishes.

Utilizing reaction injection molding (RIM), casting, and foam-in-place, Foam Molders Inc. (FMI) can mold all of your RIM project needs.  We use but are not limited to urethane elastomers, rigid, semi-rigid, self skinning, and flexible foams.

FMS Automotive offers innovative solutions to create award winning designs for your automotive projects.  We manufacture body kits, fender flares, spoilers, running boards, fascias and more.  Partnering with some of the largest OEM companies has given us the experience to work with the best.

Our Quality